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Jun 14 2012

{My Story of Self}

One of the requirements of Teach For America’s pre-work is writing a story of self: an anecdote that showcases a bit of your personality! Read on for mine… no judgement if it’s a bit dramatic For the longest time, I’ve had an odd sense of guilt for leaving my home state. The eighth-biggest city in…

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Jun 11 2012

{It start before it starts}

Explaining the process of induction, institute, lag time and legit, 100% real, in-your-face teaching has been confusing to explain to friends and family. The general assumption goes as following: Aunt Rhonda: So…when do you go to Minneapolis?  Me: Next week, for five days, then full-time in August. AR: Wait… what? Why? What’s happening? Me: Well… I spend five…

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