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Jun 11 2012

{It start before it starts}

Mama didn't raise no fool: I've got packing down to a science!

Explaining the process of induction, institute, lag time and legit, 100% real, in-your-face teaching has been confusing to explain to friends and family.

The general assumption goes as following:

Aunt Rhonda: So…when do you go to Minneapolis? 

Me: Next week, for five days, then full-time in August.

AR: Wait… what? Why? What’s happening?

Me: Well… I spend five days in Minneapolis for Induction (Scary TFA phrase 1), then head to Chicago for Institute (Scary TFA phrase 2), then I essentially have three weeks off until I start at my school placement, teaching ESL (Scary TFA phrase 3) at a charter college prep school (Scary TFA phrase 4 and 5).

AR: Ummm… I’m going to go check the roast.

So… that’s what my month has been. That, and memorizing lesson plans. I’m ridiculously excited to begin my student teaching in the great city of Chicago. But, like many of my co-corps members likely feel, it feels like a journey long in the making that I’m very ready to start.

WHAT I {LEARND} TODAY: As I finished packing for Institute, I realized just how adept I’ve gotten at moving. I learned today that I’ve finally become proficient at packing my entire (literally, everything I need) life into a tote and one suitcase. Bring it!

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