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Jun 14 2012

{My Story of Self}

One of the requirements of Teach For America’s pre-work is writing a story of self: an anecdote that showcases a bit of your personality! Read on for mine… no judgement if it’s a bit dramatic
For the longest time, I’ve had an odd sense of guilt for leaving my home state. The eighth-biggest city in Wisconsin, my hometown is full of tucked-away gems, like painted Victorian houses and impromptu prairie restorations.
It’s also a town that loses most of its college-bound students, in a state with even greater brain-drain issues. The city’s largest employer was an ancient General Motors factory, which rolled out its last vehicle two days before Christmas in 2008.
By that time, I was finishing my first semester in digital journalism at Columbia College in downtown Chicago.
Updates of my city’s slow dissembling came in short phone calls from my grandparents, clippings of the Janesville Gazette my mom sent, and…

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Jun 11 2012

{It start before it starts}

Explaining the process of induction, institute, lag time and legit, 100% real, in-your-face teaching has been confusing to explain to friends and family. The general assumption goes as following: Aunt Rhonda: So…when do you go to Minneapolis?  Me: Next week, for five days, then full-time in August. AR: Wait… what? Why? What’s happening? Me: Well… I spend five…

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